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DSD Europe automates Kaspersky software delivery

DSD Europe automates Kaspersky software delivery

IT-security software has now become faster, easier and available as monthly subscription

Utrecht, 31 October 2014 – Kaspersky IT security software distributor DSD Europe has extended its API with an automated delivery module, fully integrated within the systems of the software providers. This enables web shops, resellers en internet service providers to offer their customers monthly subscriptions to IT security software even easier than before.

The new API, an often used interface to exchange information between servers and applications, allows ordering, downloading, delivering, and extending IT security software all in a matter of seconds. The system prevents resellers from a lot of hands-on work or high investments in order to automate the product delivery system themselves. Furthermore, they can offer their clients monthly software subscriptions, ensuring revenues until the end-user ends his/her subscription.

By introducing this new API module, DSD Europe is the first Dutch IT security software distributor that provides their resellers with a fully automated reselling process says CEO and co-founder Thijs van Moosdijk (photo). “With every order, the reseller can add a new end-user and choose to let our platform take care of the delivery, avoiding manual processing or the need to develop their own expensive delivery software. Due to this module the reseller can start their selling immediately, saving precious time and resources otherwise lost on handling and development. The new model is also linked to our existing renewal system. This system automatically sends a notification to end-users the moment their software licence expires, requesting them to return to their reseller for a renewal.” This option obviously does not apply to the monthly subscription.

Monthly subscription

The new solution by DSD enables resellers to better respond to the needs of the resellers, says Martijn van Lom, General Manager Benelux and Nordic at Kaspersky Lab. “Customers increasingly ask for software licenses they can purchase on a monthly basis. That makes them more flexible to adapt to growth,  contraction and temporary projects.”

Van Lom: “As a reseller, you can now put together a nice package of monthly purchasable services,  to which licenses can easily be added, automatically extended or removed. This preserves revenues and recurring close contact with the end user. These automated renewals make DSD Europe a real frontrunner in the market of digital distributors."

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